AI-based service that

pinpoints the best-matching content from around the world for book publishers

Forget spending long hours searching for a promising manuscript or reading through useless content. Make sure you never miss your next bestseller among thousands of works submitted to you or just waiting to be discovered.

Save 75% of time & money

...spent book scouting

In 60 seconds, our AI-based algorithms analyse the content of a book, compare it with your publishing profile and scan the market results of similar books that have been published, based on data by Nielsen, eLibri and Biblioteka Analiz. So, we save your editors time by preselecting the most promising pieces to focus on.

Seize the best opportunities

We automatically analyse thousands of works every day from authors, agents and publishers from around the world – some have never been published and others have already charmed readers outside your market. We will alert you to the most promising works so you never miss your next bestseller among thousands of pieces submitted to you or just waiting to be discovered.

Outpace the competition

Be the first to find the best content that matches your publishing profile and your readers' expectations. The full content of a submission and an estimation of its market potential will be at your fingertips. And in just one click, you can arrange a meeting with the copyright owner of a piece you are considering for publication.

How it works

In an instant, will rank thousands of manuscripts or published books, submitted to you or gathered from around the world, and analyse them for…

Manuscript market

Exchange of publishing proposals in various markets, search for books by topics, categories or market potential.

Quick and easy selection of publishing proposals sent by authors

You will receive a notification on publishing proposals sent to you and how they match your publishing profile. At a glance, you'll assess whether it's worth digging into the content (it may always be worth it, but there's not always time for it).

Market potential and the book map

Algorithms, based on analysis of market data, will determine the market potential of a manuscript. You will receive a content analysis report for each manuscript.

Option for multiple users/editors/collaborators to share a company account

Coming soon!

New account type for literary agencies and agents

Coming soon!

Estimating the book's target audience

Coming soon!



Receiving and selecting publishing proposals.

  • Automatic acceptance of online publishing submissions
  • Automatic content analysis of any manuscript
  • Determination of the manuscript's fit with the publisher's profile
  • Indicator of the market potential of any manuscript
  • Access to the manuscript content analysis report
  • Convenient online access to received manuscripts
  • Management of the manuscript evaluation process by editors
  • Automation of correspondence with authors submitting manuscripts without the need to send emails

65 EUR per month


Access to the Manuscript Market - exchange of publishing proposals between publishers from different countries.

  • Includes all the features of the lower package, plus:
  • The ability to suggest books to publishers from other countries
  • Active access to the Manuscript Market, where you can find valuable manuscripts and already published books from abroad
  • Notifications about promising works made available on the Manuscript Market
  • Alerts on the availability of valuable manuscripts by Polish authors that have not been submitted to you
  • Access to the content analysis report of all works
  • Access to the full content of works provided by the rights holder
  • Access to contact details of copyright owners from the Manuscript Market
  • Monthly expert report on the most interesting publishing offers best suited to your profile

99 EUR per month

How to get started

  1. Choose one of our three service plans and sign up for a free trial.
  2. Set search criteria or provide us with information on the kinds of books you work with – sample ISBNs will do.
  3. Browse the ranked works we have collected or those submitted to your company.
  4. Set up email alerts.

You can embed our online form on your website to ensure that pre-analyses each work submitted to you. You can also analyse a manuscript already in your hands, or a book that will soon be in print, to assess the content and market potential.

Contact us

Still have questions? Will be happy to answer them. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Our background

Since 2016, Literacka Technology has been a technological partner of book publishers, booksellers, librarians and readers throughout Poland, Europe and the USA. Additionally, our R&D team cooperates with many research units and universities in Poland.

We coordinate and implement research and development for the largest Polish online bookstores and e-book libraries. We also cooperate with the Polish Book Institute and Norwegian Literature Abroad (NORLA) in a joint project called ‘Artificial Intelligence in the Service of Books’, which makes it easier for Polish and Norwegian publishers to seek publication opportunities in other countries.

We use artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to estimate the market potential of a book, offer product recommendations, and automate marketing and sales processes in the bookstore industry. We are a leader in the analysis of long texts via AI algorithms. Our algorithms achieve an efficiency of 82–96%. Additionally, the recognition of literary categories by our AI algorithms is 2% more accurate than that of humans.

Since March 2020, we have co-organised the nationwide Book Marketing conference in Poland and the Book Targ trade fair (part of the Book Targ virtual book fair – the most important online event in the book industry).

Frequently asked questions

Can analyze the manuscripts sent to me by authors and recommend the most promising ones?

Yes. We generate a unique online form especially for you, through which authors can submit manuscripts to you. All you need to do is publish a link to this form on your website, and all submissions can then be directed to this channel. In this way, the manuscripts are sent to you and to our servers, where they are analyzed. Through our application, you have free access to all files and information provided to you by the authors. We add to each application information about how much it matches your publishing criteria, and you can conveniently filter, sort, view, and categorize the manuscripts. We also send you an email notification as soon as we identify a particularly promising manuscript.

Can I analyze the content of manuscripts or books from my archives?

Yes. All you have to do is provide us with the files you want us to analyse. Our system processes files in the following formats: TXT, DOC, DOCX, EPUB, and, if necessary, PDF.

How is the content that I submit to analyzed?

Files containing the content of manuscripts or already published books are downloaded via a private cloud protected by a password. Additionally, each file is secured with a password and a watermark for The files are stored on a secured server, to which only three people have access: the administrator and two data science programmers. The server works in the internal network and is accessible only through the edge server.

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